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Mar 15 2016
donta dong

If you’re thinking of updating your look or maybe you’re just in need of a little inspiration, well look no further - we’ve rounded up a few 

of our favourite celebrity styles which you can easily try for yourself!

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Dec 03 2016
donta dong

Achieving the ultimate goddess curls can prove a challenge if you don’t have the correct tools for the job. 

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Nov 03 2016
donta dong

It’s the biggest awards ceremony in any celebrity calendar and the excitement was mounting for what styles our favourite stars

would go for. The dresses were to die for and attendees were out to create bold and beautiful looks that will be remembered for

 years to come. 

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Sep 03 2016
donta dong

As much as we all love luscious curls and a bouncy blow dry, there’s nothing like poker straight hair with a sleek shine that says, ‘

look at me!’ Achieving this look may not be as easy as it seems and it’s important to use the right products for your hair type to 

avoid unnecessary damage. 

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Aug 03 2016
donta dong

Held at the Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Centre New York, this star-studded event brought an array of fashion and beauty, 

showcased by all our favourite models and actresses. The celeb guests pulled out all the stops and certainly did not 

disappoint with their fabulous get-ups, raising the style stakes to another level.

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Jul 03 2016
donta dong

As we can’t all be blessed with thick locks and constant height, from time to time we may have to rely on extensions and hair 

products to come to our rescue. If you’ve ever experienced lifeless hair, you’ll understand the frustration when thinking of 

which brand to go for when it comes to volumising products. 

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Mar 06 2016
donta dong

It’s approaching the time of year where the sun is out for longer, lightening our natural tresses and beachy blonde waves perfectly 

match a sunkissed skin tone. Try mixing up your hair colour with hints of both brown and blonde for a blended ombre style. We’re 

obsessed with natural, golden curls that just belong by sea and sand but don’t worry if you’re not blessed with a natural kink, pro-

blems can be solved in minutes with a curling wand. 

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Mar 05 2016
donta dong

For Spring, the couture catwalk shows embraced upon Paris where some of the most spectacular pieces were showcased

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Mar 03 2016
donta dong

We probably know the Kardashian family more than our own and our guilty pleasure is following their style evolution through 

the years.

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Mar 02 2016
eric dong

Best Deep Conditioning Hair Masks


We put our precious locks through torment almost everyday from heat styling and chemical dyes to brushing tension and snapped strands. Extreme weather conditions and even extensions can also add extra stress to our scalp, so it’s important to treat tresses with the right products in order to maintain a high quality condition. In order to nurse your damaged hair, now and then it’s an option to try a deep conditioning mask to restore essential oils and nutrients that may have been lost during styling. They contain elements such as amino acids and proteins in order to repair and renovate any damage caused, as well as protecting locks in future. Here’s a selection of some of the most popular masks on the market…

This chemically infused balm from L'Oreal claims to erase up to one year’s worth of damage from one use using a combination of ceramides and arginine-K. The formula closes hair openings ensuring that no future damage is caused through frizz and breakage. It can be used as a conditioner substitute once a week in order to keep hair glossy and full of life until the next wash. Whether your hair is weak, dehydrated or on thedull side, this balm is your answer to bringing it back to life.

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