Although it might not be for everyone, there’s no denying courageously coloured hair is becoming a ‘thing’. This bold and beautiful hair statement says a lot about a personality but there may only be a fair few who can pull it off. From soft pastels to striking blue and pink, even our favourite celebrities are taking it upon themselves to embrace the rainbow! We’ve combined a few looks to inspire you but would you dare take the plunge?

 Blue Hues

 Kylie Jenner’s new aqua blue mane proves she is becoming that evermore experimental with cooler tones. It seems to be her shade of choice following on from previous styles of turquoise tips and navy full-head tints. Azealia Banks channels her inner mermaid with flowing curly blue locks and the blue choice from Amber Rose is nothing short of fierce.

Blue Hues hair colors

 Tickled Pink

 From fluorescent pinks to soft salmon shades, pink has been the colour option for many A-listers. Love it or hate it, Nicole Richie’s short bob is brightened up by a highlighter-like colour on the red carpet, infusing a pop of colour to a dark outfit. January Jones has gone for subtle rose streaks that seem to be the perfect choice for those who are slightly wary of a colour change. Finally, colour chameleon Katy Perry is known for her frequent hair changes, yet this pink tone is flawlessly showing off her glowing features.

Tickled Pink hair colors

 Power Purples

 Purple might be a difficult one to get right but Kelly Osbourne proves a short lilac ‘do can be styled to perfection, complimenting her lip colour along the way. If you love Ellie Goulding’s chalky, ashy tone as much as we do, but are reluctant to grab the dye, this look can be easily achieved in minutes using handy hair chalks. Perrie Edwards also combines curls and plaits with a bright violet shade, proving there’s no need to shy away from alternative hues.

Power Purples hair colors

 Go Green

 You probably only relate green hair to the aftermath of chlorine but it’s been adopted as a hair colour made to stand out amongst the rest. The truly gorgeous Chloe Norgaard faultlessly pulls off this green and blonde blend in a way only an expert model could. Rainbow lover Lena Dunham commonly updates her hairstyle with a colour change and her choice of lime tones balances effortlessly with her skin tone. Proving the colour trend is coming back around, 90s babe Kelis also debuted a wild and wonderful green afro back in the day.

Go Green hair colors