If you’re thinking of a hair update but only want to spruce up your look with something subtle, why not try out a new plait style? From the catwalk to the red carpet, this hairstyle never goes out of date and there are endless options to try for yourself depending on the look you’re going for. Short or long hair and whatever the colour, there’s a choice for everyone, so take a look at our favourite celebrity looks for some serious inspiration!

Poppy Delevingne

Poppy’s look is short and sweet with a simple side plait tied together and held in place with a black ribbon. This effortless style can be accomplished with short or long hair and it looks even more chic with loose strands falling either side. It can also be both the perfect daytime and night-time up do, so style your outfit around a laidback plait.

Poppy Delevingne hair style

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea chose to make a bold statement with her plait look at this year’s Grammy awards. Created by stylist Ursula Stephen (also famous for Rihanna’s Met Gala plait), Iggy’s braided crown made quite the impression and almost stole the show. This extravagant hairstyle complimented a stunning dress and it adds a fun twist to two classic braids. Try this for yourself but make sure you do your best to conceal the ends!

Iggy Azalea hair style

Margot Robbie

This stunning French-braid on Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie gives off a complex, textured look and the sheer detail cannot go unnoticed. The exact number of plaits is hard to tell but they are twisted and combined almost seamlessly for a chic style. It may be on the red carpet but the not-so-neat effect gives off the impression it can be worn anywhere you like.

Margot Robbie hair style

Cara Delevingne

Our second Delevingne sister shows off her undercut braid perfectly with this faux shaved effect. The small, tight braid was completed close to the scalp, keeping stray strands away from the face. The dramatic side part is also both feminine and harsh going hand in hand with her tough, studded ensemble. Whether you want to call it a side braid or even a cornrow, this look can be  dressed up and perfect for your Saturday night out.

Cara Delevingne hair style

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott is never one to shy away from a braid so for this do, she’s gone for a loose fitting, front plait. The style blends perfectly with her bouncy blow dry and the rugged effect of the plait adds to the overall playfulness of the look. We’re always in love with how Pixie experiments with plaits, but this one seems to suit her face frame perfectly. If you’re trying to achieve this at home, tease your finished front plait lightly with your fingers to relax it.

Pixie Lott hair style

Daisy Lowe

A fish plait is always a favourite even though it may look quite daring to try. Daisy’s long, brunette tresses suit this style dreamily and it can be dressed either up or down depending on what’s on your agenda. Using two pieces of hair rather than three, once you get the hang of where each strand goes, this messy bohemian look is simple to achieve!  

Daisy Lowe hair style

Alexa Chung

We absolutely love this super cute 90s look on Alexa Chung. Hair is divided in a middle part with two front sections being tightly plaited – too easy! You could even add your own twist by including other small plaits from the underneath of the hair. We can definitely see this style paired with a floral summer dress or even on the beach in Ibiza.

Alexa Chung hair style