No matter how often you use heat styling products on your hair, it’s important to take the time to invest in a good protection product in order to prevent potential damage. Hairdryers, straighteners, wands and tongs have become a vital part of our everyday beauty regime so in order to maintain healthy tresses, we must learn to look after them and safeguard against extreme heat. As well as breaking down important proteins and natural oils in the hair, hot irons are known to weaken the hair, eventually causing it to break easily. In order to keep your hair as healthy as possible, we’ve chosen a selection of sprays and creams that not only revitalise and enhance your hair, but are also at a reasonable price and won’t break the bank – you can thank us later!

 ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

 Considering they are the masters in terms of styling products, it’s no wonder ghd have created a formula which prevents further damage from everyday heat use. You have the ability to use this spray alongside other styling products on either damp or dry hair, creating a safety barrier for your locks and protecting against the intense heat of hairdryers, straighteners and tongs. The floral scent and lightness of the spray leaves a professional ‘no product’ finish, especially beneficial for those with fine hair and regular users of heat products. In order to achieve the full effect of the product, spray directly from the root of the hair and comb through, evenly distributing all over for an amazing salon finish.

Best products for hair

Kiehl’s Heat Protective Silk Straightening Cream

This is an ideal product for curly or wavy hair and as well as protection from heat, it also straightens hair and keeps flyaways at bay. In order to achieve a smooth and glossy finish, the combination of soybeans, sesame and sunflower seeds work together to calm strands without completely weighing the hair down. Use it on damp or straight hair, this product works best when applied to the root and spread evenly through brushing. Its natural extracts protect the hair from breakage caused by heat, boosting your hair and completing the look with a glossy texture.

Best products for hair

Redken Heat Styling Iron Shape Spray

 This Iron Shape Spray from Redken is the perfect remedy for gorgeously sleek locks, so it’s time to wave goodbye to that static frizz you’re used too. Used on dry hair and sprayed on each section during your heat styling process, the lightweight formula aims to protect and preserve the vibrant nature of your tresses. It uses Redken’s Heat Guard Complex to defend your natural locks as well as holding your desired style, without leaving hair stiff or crunchy compared to a typical holding spray. Cue your glamourous ‘do!

Best products for hair

Paul Mitchell Heat Seal

The humidity resistance in Paul Mitchell’s Heat Seal spray ensures a longer lasting hairstyle and complete protection at the same time. Suitable for all hair types and whether your going for curly or straight, this spray helps to protect hair from heat products as well as enhancing volume and overall shine. It’s more important for those with coloured hair to become conscious of its health, so this is the perfect formula to maintain great condition and keep a balanced texture.

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control Spray

 Used as a pre-styling tool, the Aveda Control Spray not only protects against intense heat products but also safeguards against UV damage caused by the sun. The hazards of combing can also be an issue if you’re regularly putting a lot of pressure on strands so rest assured, this product will protect against rigorous combing resulting in healthy looking locks. Spray on your towel dried hair and blow dry as normal for unbeatable protection and a brilliant finish.  

Best products for hair