Along with fashion, hairstyles come and go and over the years we have all experienced styles that were never imaginable. Our favourite celebrities are known to set the trends that we all religiously follow but there are a certain few that were created especially for the hair ‘hall of fame’…

Farah Fawcett’s Feathered Flicks

The stunning Farah Fawcett had women across the globe green with envy at her layered blonde blow dry. Those notorious feathered waves landed her a role in Charlie’s Angels as well as her very own shampoo!

Farah Fawcett's Feathered Ficks

Jennifer Aniston’s The ‘Rachel’  

Girls wanted to be her and guys wanted to be with her – Jennifer Aniston gave a choppy, layered look its debut in the 90s as Friends character Rachel Green. Her initial reaction to the hairstyle was a negative one until women all over took it upon themselves to copy her style.

Jennifer Aniston's The 'Rachel'

Brigitte Bardot’s Big Blonde Hair

Bardot’s long, blonde locks are the epitome of 60s bedroom hair and each tousled strand seems to fall perfectly in place on this French beauty. The voluminous style is definitely here to stay with girls everywhere trying their luck at this effortless style.

Brigitte Bardot's Big  Blond Hair

Victoria Beckham and The ‘Pob’

After ditching her WAG extensions, Victoria Beckham unveiled her graduated bob, known more commonly as the ‘posh bob’. It was time the world began to her take her style credentials serious and it was this bold move that established her as a trendsetter.

Victoria Beckham and The 'Pob'

Princess Diana’s Layered Look

Princess Di’s regal cut was one of the most sought after styles of the 80s, embracing short layers in a pageboy crop. Over the years her look only ever varied slightly, keeping it as recognisable as her personality.

Princess Diana's Layered Look

Julia Roberts and the Pretty Woman Perm

This well-known perm was imitated by the masses in the 1980s but it was difficult to achieve the same effect as Julia Roberts in the hit movie Pretty Woman. Other famous names adopting this look include Jennifer Gray and Kylie Minogue.

Julia Roberts and the Pretty Woman Perm

Veronica Lake Glamour

The origin of Hollywood glamour stems from the one and only Veronica Lake who mastered this stunning side-swept style in the 1940s. Combining bouncy waves with a glossy finish, this look is still regularly copied by many today.

Veronical Lake Glamour

Rihanna Red

Rihanna has had her fair share of hairstyles over the years but this fiery red ‘do became an unforgettable moment in hair history. She styled it in countless ways from tight curls to a pixie cut, resulting in salons all over getting requests for ‘Rihanna Red’ colour.

Rihanna Red

Jerry Hall’s Super Volume

As legends go, Jerry Hall became the one to follow in the 80s as big hair became beautiful. The catwalk model had legs and locks that went on for days, and it’s probably safe to say everyone to this day is still envious of her ultra-long mane.

Jerry Hall's Super Volume

Sienna Miller’s Boho Waves

Blonde bombshell, Sienna Miller embraced the bohemian movement with open arms by adopting subtle, flowing waves. This look takes hardly any effort to achieve and it was spotted on other major stars such as Kate Moss and Nicole Richie.

Sienna Miller's Boho Waves