Choose the best hair dryer for your hair.

Other tips to consider when buying a hairdryer

best hairdryer

Pay attention to the power of the hairdryer.

The wattage affects the heat of the hairdryer and the speed at which the hairdryer dries the hair. It would help if you chose a hairdryer with sufficient power to dry the hair tress. For curly and fine hair types, experts suggest that the wattage of the hairdryer is about 1400. view more

Choose the weight of your hairdryer.

Depending on technology and function, some hair dryers may weigh a few pounds. If your hair is thick, you will have to keep it on the hairdryer for a while. You want to make sure that you can hold the hairdryer without straining your arm.

Use a hairdryer with a cold air hairdryer.

Will help seal the outer skin of the hair, lock in moisture, and improve gloss and softness. This technique is particularly useful if your hair is usually dry and fragile, and can help eliminate this roughness.

Choose a hair dryer with a nozzle.

It is often overlooked that the nozzle attachment may be the most crucial attachment of the hairdryer. This accessory allows you to direct all airflow and heat in one direction to ensure that the blower flows smoothly. If you currently dry your hair without a dry nozzle, this may be the reason for the hair curling, because the air flows in all directions, pushing the epidermis upward.

Other hair drying tips

best hairdryer

In addition to using the tools above to help choose the hairdryer that suits your hair type, there are other ways to help ensure a perfect hair dryer.

Choose the right product.

Ensure that your hair care store is filled with products that protect the hair strands during the drying process. Before heat setting, please use a heat protector, and then end with moisturizing hair oil or finishing cream.

Grab the right hairbrush

Start with a paddle brush while blow-drying until the hair is about 75% dry. Then, when you blow-dry your hair, use a round brush to lift the roots of the hair roots to make the body and hair fluffy. If you want to increase gloss, choose a round brush with boar bristles, which spreads the natural oil from the root to the tip.

Remember to dry your hair beforehand.

From hot to cold, from dry to not dry, the style will remain the same, which means that if you try to use a hairdryer to soaking wet hair, it will make the blowing process more difficult. Before using a hairdryer, use a microfiber absorbent towel or air dry as much as possible. It speeds up the use of the hairdryer but also ensures that you will not fry your hair. When the hair is almost completely dry, please reduce the heat setting as much as possible.

Cut the hair when drying it.

Usually, people try to immerse the hair thoroughly in the hair to dry it, which causes the hair to curl. Instead, cut the hair and process each part at once. Will help ensure that each piece is adequately dried before proceeding to the next section.

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