Keeping your home clean

 home cleanIf you used to live with a man, you might hear the phrase, “your hair is everywhere!” More than once. Although hair loss is inevitable, we have some tips to keep that nasty hair at home.

Keeping clean – Silk pillowcase

 home cleanSwitch to sleeping on silk pillowcases because this fabric is less likely to rub or rub on your hair when you sleep. Not to mention, silk pillowcases are also recommended to help you stay cool. Another benefit of silk pillowcases? The smooth fabric is also good for your skin because it helps prevent sleep marks, reduces puffiness, and reduces irritation of skin problems such as rosacea.

Keeping clean – Use the right sweeping tools

 home cleanAs mentioned earlier, leaving an extra towel or rag on the bathroom floor to quickly clean the floor can help you keep the bathroom floor clean, but buying tools such as Swiffer or rechargeable vacuum cleaners can also help. Walking through the house quickly can help quickly pick up scattered hair.

They ever noticed that you use different brooms in your hair salon? There is a reason that hair salons sometimes use rubber bristle brooms because they can catch loose hair more effectively than traditional brooms. These brooms can also be used to help you regularly clean, which is very convenient.

Keeping clean – Get a handheld vacuum.

Just like hair, we are peeling skin every day, and many. Weekly vacuuming is always the goal, but you can also use a hand-held vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning. There are many in the market so that you can find one in your budget. The handheld vacuum cleaner will save lives, especially after a styling meeting at home. Please place it in the bedroom or any place where your hair is placed to remind you to clean your hair quickly.

Keep a lint roller readily available.

For clothing and certain furniture, lint rollers will quickly help pick up all these loose threads before preparing for OOTD. The sticky paper of the lint roller can pick up the hair on most fabrics without damage. You can even use it on short-bristled bristled bathroom mats or carpets for quick cleaning. For harder materials, grab a lint-free brush with silicone bristles, such as a rubber broom, which will pick up loose and stubborn hair stuck to the fabric. These only require a little maintenance, because you must clean the hair from the mane after each use.

Keeping clean – Get rid of static before getting dressed.

Another tip to help your hair take off your clothes is to put them in a dryer and then wash them. Drying the clothes in the dryer for about 5 to 15 minutes will help loosen the hair of other materials. As usual, they were thrown into the washing machine, clothes again when put in the dryer, be sure to use an anti-static cloth.

Hair loss is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be like a failed battle. Maintaining the health of your scalp and hair will always help strengthen the roots and cuticles, thereby reducing breakage and shedding. Taking these extra steps while styling and cleaning your hair will make your hair healthier, or even healthier.

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