Tape in hair extensions maintenance tips for you

Since childhood, we, girls, the dream of having hair like a princess but not all girls are lucky to have long and luscious hair. Also, your dream princess doesn’t get hair problems like split ends, frizzy hair, and more but we do. But do these problems hold us from having long hair? No, surely not especially when you are using tape-in hair extensions. Using hair extensions is actually a good way to get long hair and style them the way you have desired. However, tape in hair extensions maintenance is a key point to flaunt the beautiful hair. 

hair extensions

If you are already using the extensions then you should know about the maintenance tips. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried it yet then first know about the hair extensions. And later we will tell you how to take good care of those extensions. 

Tape in hair extensions? 

tape in hair extensionstape in hair extensionsAlthough hair extensions are not new to the beauty industry many don’t know about these extensions. Unlike other options, these are safest and healthier options because they don’t add stress on your scalp. As per their name, you stick on them rather than using glue or tying strips to your hair roots. The glue is not good for your scalp as its toxic and sewing them is either not good as it creates stress. The sticking option you get with tape-in hair extensions makes it easier to put and remove. Also, the tape in hair extensions maintenance is easy with these strong, durable, and non-slip stickers. 

As a result, you get natural and flawless hair. And since they are temporary you can detach them anytime. Usually, they remain in good condition for 5-6 weeks but with proper tape in hair extensions maintenance they can last up to months without going for high tape in hair extensions maintenance cost. 

Do you also want to have those flawless hair extensions? Get it done at a salon or you can fix them on your own. However, you have to focus more on maintenance so read the tips below and follow them. 

Tape in hair extensions tips for maintenance 

Brush the hair properly 

brush your hair

The very first step we take for hair care is to brush them. However, it is not an easy and mundane task that we think. And when you are wearing hair extensions it becomes tough so keep these things in mind to brush them properly. 

  • Brush them twice that is at morning and night 
  • Don’t brush them after a shower instead brush them before it 
  • Always brush them from the bottom and not from the top as it will create more stress on the scalp 
  • Also, use a brush designed for hair extension tape in hair extensions

Important hair regime to follow daily 

  • Always use right hair care products 
  • Take shower regularly 
  • Don’t scrub the hair strips when shampooing 
  • Don’t use conditioner on the roots 
  • Avoid going to bed when hair extensions are wet 
  • However, when using hot iron tools always wear a protectant spray 

So, these were some of the best tape in hair extensions maintenance tips that one must follow.